People of Box Hill Central - Nathan Nankervis

16 May 2016

Nathan Nankervis – local graphic artist/illustrator tell us why he loves Box Hill Central.

In a recent interview, local graphic artist/illustrator Nathan Nankervis told readers of popular creative design magazine ‘The Young Ones’ about his “immense love” for Box Hill Central. We couldn’t help but want to know more!

With an impressive portfolio that showcases projects with BONDS (pictured), Heineken X Australian Open and Red Bull, 24-year-old born and bred local, Nathan grew up with an appreciation for the local culture, fresh produce, amazing food, big variety and vibrant atmosphere of Box Hill Central.

“I keep coming back to Box Hill because it’s always changing and growing. It’s a living, breathing shopping centre. I get excited every time I visit because I know I’ll find something cool. From a mysterious concoction to drink, or a weird and interesting toy to sit on my desk. Box Hill is full of surprises,” Nathan says.

According to Nathan, the fruit and vegetable market is the best part of Box Hill Central, and as a vegetarian he finds the variety, price and quality of the produce is like no other.

To catch a break from designing in his nearby studio, Nathan heads to Umaido for the most authentic Japanese food in town. After having spent some time in Japan a few years ago, what better place to reminisce than at Umaido, in our South Precinct.

So what does Nathan and every other local love about Box Hill Central? The authenticity, variety and the multiculturalism among the community.

What do you love about it Box Hill Central?

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