Doo Boo Tofu & BBQ House Now Open at Box Hill Central!

09 Dec 2019

DooBoo Tofu & BBQ House open a second location in Box Hill Central!

DooBoo are thrilled to announce the opening of their second branch. Located in Boxhill, Dooboo will be a welcome addition to the area where a popular Asian community thrives. Following on from the success of their Melbourne CBD offering, DooBoo are excited to be able to reach new diners in one of Melbourne's thriving suburbs.

About Dooboo

‘Dooboo’ is Korean word for Tofu.
The team behind DooBoo have devoted many hours of recipe research and development to perfect popular Korean folk dishes and bring these to the Melbourne community. And the Melbourne community have embraced this delicious, traditional Korean cuisine with demand for a second location being met.

Popular menu items
Dooboo’s signature dish is a reproduction of a folksy Korean dish that consists of cooked rice in a special hot pot and comes with five mouth-watering side dishes. A dish that has traditional roots in Korean culture, typically cooked by loving Mothers and Grandmothers for their families, the dish contains a soup that uses more than 20 ingredients and is served over warm fresh rice.

DOLSOT BIBIMBAP: Bibimbap is a famous Korean dish all over the world, well-known for its healthiness. House-made bibimbap consists of 5 fresh vegetables, a Gochujang (red chili paste) and sesame oil makes for a perfect combination for a fresh, hearty meal. Served in a stone pot to ensure every last spoon remains warm and delicious.

KING-SIZED PORK CUTLET: One of DooBoo’s most popular menu items, these fresh pork loins are served a Korean style sauce and rice.  which is made of a fresh Pork loin and served in a limited quantity. These cutlets are a limited menu item, only early birds get to enjoy this delicious dish as it sells out most nights.

DWAEJI MOK GALBI (Grilled Pork Neck): Another popular pork dish, diners can enjoy this amazing grilled pork neck with a hint of tingling spiciness along with a 'Soon DooBoo stew with side dishes’. Making up one of DooBoo’s many COMBO selections.


Doo Boo is located at the mall entrance of Box Hill Central's North Centre.