Angel one of the most stylish woman of Box Hill

14 Aug 2016

While passing through Box Hill Central, have you ever noticed the unique store - Moda Milano? It sits on the right hand side of the North Precinct of Box Hill Central by the main gate.

For many Chinese Australian women, finding nice clothes for attending formal events can be difficult. Although there is a wide variety of local Australian fashion to choose from, they are not always ideal choices in terms of setting off an Asian women’s eastern style. Angel, the owner of Moda Milano, who has lived in Australia for many years, feels this way. As a lady who enjoys dressing up and is always on trend, Angel has long been fascinated by European fashions. She regularly attends various Fashion Weeks across Europe, and gradually came up with the idea to open a fashion store in Australia; introducing European styles to the Chinese Australian community, thus allowing Chinese Australian women to enjoy designer clothes by world leading designers.

Moda Milano opened its doors at the end of 2015, and has since gained a loyal body of customers. The store is simple yet elegant, with black and white featuring strongly. The lighting is gentle and the marble floor is clean, making shopping here very comfortable. Every item in Moda Milano is designed in various European fashion studios, including big brand names such as Versace, Pinko, and Annarita, to name a few.

Soft hand-made woollen scarves, sealskin ugg boots, cashmere capes dressed with fox fur collars, as well as overcoats made of rex rabbit fur are displayed in well-decorated cases, making you realize that even during winter, a lady can still dress lightly, warmly and beautifully. You may be surprised that items sold at Moda Milano are not as expensive as many assume. They hold impressive sales every time the seasons shift, which is the case right now. A series of tops are currently discounted by 30%-60%, while shoes are at 50% off. Moda Milano has a WeChat account, which means that customers in China are able to contact the store with great convenience. After purchasing on-line, items are delivered to you from Australia completely free!

Designer clothes are mostly custom made and therefore limited in number. In some cases, only one garment of this style exists in the world. Designer clothes are a bit like people - both are waiting for the right one to appear. Will you be the right one? Why not try coming into Moda Milano to have a look for yourself!

每日步履匆匆在Box Hill Central購物中心路过的你,可曾留意过这家独特的店铺——Moda Milano?從商場北區正門進入,不远的右手边,就可看到这家風格獨特的精品时装店。


Moda Milano店2015年底开业,至今不到一年时间,却已收获了一批忠实的粉絲。走进店铺,简洁大气的装修风格主打黑白两色,饰以柔和的灯光、洁净的大理石地面,营造出优雅高档的格调。店内出售的每件衣物都是欧洲原厂制作,其中不乏Versace、Pinko、Annarita等人们耳熟能详的意大利、法国奢侈品牌。在一间间精致的陈列柜里,柔软的手工羊毛围巾、海豹毛做的高档雪地靴、饰以狐狸毛的羊绒披肩、手感绝妙的獭兔毛大衣……讓女人們在冬天穿得又轻、又暖、又美。

令人惊喜的是,店内的价格並没有想象的那樣昂贵。热心的店员介绍说,每当换季时店里便会搞折扣活动,目前正在进行中,一些品质上乘的断码衣物正以4-7折出售、鞋子5折出售,价格十分合适。而且,Moda Milano还开通了微信和澳中免费郵寄服务——即使你身在中国,也可以通过微信联系店長,买到心仪的衣物后,同樣享受免費郵寄,是不是既贴心又划算呢?

其实,欧洲设计师品牌的定制款时装多数都是限量版,同一款式的衣服很可能只制作一件,确保了穿着它的人是独一无二的。从某种程度上,衣服也像人一样,在等待着属于它的那位“有缘人”。你会是这位有缘人吗?快来Moda Milano店中寻觅一下吧!

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