Valuable Jewellery Has Arrived!

21 Nov 2017


In 2017, Valuable Jewellery has just launched it’s first retail store in Box Hill’s newest shopping precinct

Valuable Jewellery is a Chinese jewellery brand, with a chain of over 40 stores and over 500 employees globally. Box Hill Central is so excited to have the arrival of this beautiful store just in time for Christmas! Come down and have a look at Valuable Jewellery’s beautiful and distinctive jewellery collection. Since opening two decades ago, they have earned the reputation for quality jewellery, precision and craftsmanship. The range on offer within the Box Hill store covers a wide range within the jewellery category including gold, platinum, diamond, jade and precious stones. 

Valuable Jewellery is so excited to further extend its reputation within the Australian jewellery market and continue to showcase beautiful pieces and collections for all. All stock available in the Box Hill store is curated and hand picked from Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asia, you will be sure to find your treasure there! Get shopping!