Premium Rice Noodles with a Sense of Home

04 Nov 2016

Tina’s Noodle Kitchen is a genuine Chongqing restaurant offering a wide range of rice noodle dishes. They are situated beside one of the entrances to Box Hill Central.

Historically, Sichuan Province has the reputation of being the ‘Land of Abundance’. It is the richness of soil, mildness of weather, and abundant rainfall that contribute to the advanced economic and food status of the region. For many Chinese migrants who have not returned to their home country for many years, a bowl of delicious, warm traditional food is enjoyed immensely.

Tina’s Noodle Kitchen features four main types of rice noodle dishes: thick stock soup, spicy, pickle or chilli. They use chicken stock which is carefully crafted through meticulous attention to detail. Every morning the Kitchen staff stew several kilograms of fresh produce in a huge pot for up to 6 hours. When it comes lunch time, the stewed produce is a thick and hearty stock. As for toppings, the Kitchen offers a wide range including roast chicken with mushroom, oxtail with tomato, fresh fish slices and vegetarian options to name a few. The Kitchen’s offerings are welcomed by discerning customers of all different ages and nationalities.

During lunch time, there is often a long queue at Tina’s Noodle Kitchen. Among those waiting to order are a diverse range of customers including pregnant women, young mothers and silver-haired elderlies. On weekends, whole families are often seen visiting. Mingxin, one of the waiters at the Kitchen, told us that Box Hill residents usually come to enjoy a bowl of noodle soup in the morning before they go to the shopping centre to buy daily necessities.

Tina’s Noodle Kitchen is uniquely decorated with a Chinese-style colour scheme, ornamental grids, and porcelains - all which represent a genuine eastern aesthetic. The adorable birdcage hanging from the ceiling adds a sense of liveliness. The attention to detail of the restaurants decor conveys the message of ‘low-key magnificence’, which results from the collaboration of the whole team. No wonder Tina’s Noodle Soup enjoys such popularity! 

If you enjoy the taste of traditional Chinese food, why not visit Tina’s and order a bowl?

专注出精品  纯正家乡味

——天府李米线(Tinas’s Noodle Kitchen)






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