The People of Box Hill - Miss Saigon is fresh and modern

26 Aug 2016


Miss Saigon was a popular 1980s Broadway musical which was adapted from Puccini’s Madamam Butterfly. The tragic romance was set in 1970 post-war Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City).

Early in July this year, Miss Saigon Vietnam Pho Kitchen opened its doors in Box Hill Central. Decorated in elegant purple and green and furnished with light timber tables and chairs, the restaurant is clean and inviting. Featuring large French windows throughout which provide natural light during the day and invoke a pleasant ambience.

Steven is the chef behind the food at Miss Saigon. He is a shy Malaysian guy who is serious about making Pho (Vietnamese rice noodles). Before starting at Miss Saigon Steven was an apprentice at Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant on Swanston Street. Due to his exceptional performance he was appointed to his position as chef at this new restaurant. Steven emphasizes the freshness of the produce used at Miss Saigon. He says: “the ingredients we use are delivered fresh to store every morning, so the freshness of our food is guaranteed.”

The most popular types of Pho the restaurant serves are: Special Beef Combination and Special Chicken Combination. They also offer a wide range of toppings to choose from. For Beef Pho: rare beef, brisket, tendon, beef balls, tripe, bone marrow and sausages. For Chicken Pho: chicken breast, drumstick, giblets, heart or liver. They also offer grilled chicken, pork or vegetable choices. The two most popular are a combination of the above (for more details please see menu).

Ashlee is the head waitress at Miss Saigon. She is a warm and friendly Taiwanese girl who provides customers with a traditional Vietnamese Pho experience. Pho and meat toppings are served together in a big bowl, while two smaller dishes are also served. The first dish contains fresh sprouts (you can ask for them to be cooked if you prefer), a slice of lemon, and fresh basil. The second dish contains onion and caraway. Squeezing fresh lemon into the Pho lightens the taste; while basil, onion and caraway add depth and flavour. Season your bowl to suit your taste.

Customers have given feedback that the food served at Miss Saigon tastes genuinely Vietnamese and the portion sizes are generous.

If you fancy something sweet then Miss Saigon won’t disappoint. Traditional South Eastern Asian Three Colour Dessert - served with special jelly, beans, coconut milk and crushed ice, is a marvellously tasty treat for the senses.

Miss Saigon is devoted to establishing its brand by combining genuine traditional Vietnamese Pho with Modern restaurant service. Situated on the left hand side outside the front gate at Box Hill Central - Miss Saigon is easy to locate. If you walk past someday and find yourself hungry, come in and enjoy a delicious bowl of goodness.

《西贡小姐》(Miss Saigon)是上世纪80年代美国百老汇的一部人气颇旺的音乐剧,它改编自普契尼的歌剧《蝴蝶夫人》,故事背景设置是越战结束后70年代的西贡(胡志明市)。

而就在7月初,Box Hill Central 新开了一家越南河粉店——Miss Saigon 西贡鸡牛粉。这家店的装修风格主打紫、绿两色,文艺而优雅;浅色的木质桌椅洁净而排列整齐;全透明的落地玻璃外墙使得店内采光良好,整体氛围给人一种愉悦的通透感。

Miss Saigon的主厨是个子高大、皮肤黑黑的马来西亚华人Steven。他的性格虽有些腼腆,言谈举止中却能看出是个认真做事的人。Steven曾在city的湄江牛河屋学过手艺,因为表现优秀,在Miss Saigon新店开张后就做了这里的主厨。Steven说,Miss Saigon 制作河粉所使用的原料是非常新鲜的,每天早上都会由工厂派人送货过来。店铺主打牛肉和鸡肉两种越南河粉,在配料的分类上十分细致——牛肉粉可以配牛肉、牛腩、牛筋、牛丸、牛骨髓、牛百叶和越南香肠等,鸡肉粉可以配鸡肉、鸡胗、鸡肝、鸡心等,此外还可以配猪血、猪排和素什锦等。顾客喜欢吃什么就可以点什么,如果都喜欢吃,那就可以点个大杂烩——菜单上的“特别牛肉河粉”和“特别鸡肉河粉”两样是卖得最好的。

Ashlee是Miss Saigon的服务生领班,是一个爱说爱笑的台湾女生。她说,来店里吃过的客人反馈说,Miss Saigon的河粉口感地道、分量足,他们都说好。Ashlee还仔细的介绍了越南河粉的食用步骤:河粉和配肉是盛在一个大碗里的,另外一个碟子里装的是生豆芽、柠檬和九层塔(一种香料,气味强烈,外形如同一朵盛开的花),还有一个小碗里面装的是洋葱和香菜。如果顾客吃不惯生豆芽,可以要求厨房煮熟再送过来;柠檬汁挤在汤面中,可以降低油腻度;九层塔、洋葱和香菜都是提味用的佐料,顾客可以任意添加。此外,店里还出售颇受欢迎的东南亚甜品——三色冰,浇上椰奶和碎冰后真是既好看,又好吃,可以作为吃河粉时的经典伴侣。

传统地道的越南河粉口味,现代化的管理模式和店铺设计,Miss Saigon 西贡鸡牛粉走的是传统和现代相结合的品牌路线。如果哪一天在Box Hill Central逛饿了,从正门出去右手边即是这家颇为“小清新”的越南河粉店,走过路过,可不要错过呦。

店名:Miss Saigon 西贡鸡牛粉

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