The winners are?

31 Jan 2017

Box Hill Central Presented 2016-17 Retail Excellence Awards to 6 Best-Performed Businesses.

Last Friday (27th January) was Chinese New Year’s Eve. On this blissful day, Box Hill Central presented 2016-17 Retail Excellence Awards to its 6 best-performed businesses.

The overall winner of 2016-17 Retail Excellence Award was Nene Chicken - the Korean fried chicken restaurant. It ranked the top in all categories including strong sale performance, good store marketing, wonderful store presentation and very professional customer services.

The elegant cafe Selene’s Chocolate Bar, voted by the customers, proudly received People’s Choice & Customer Service Award. Popular Taiwanese restaurant Kitchen Republik was undoubtedly granted the best Sales Performance Award. The Japanese & Korean products store Merry Seasons, opened September 2016, was awarded the best New Store Opening. The Asian cooker shop Hello Kitchen received the Marketing Participation Award for actively promoting their business with the Central management. The women’s underwear store Emon Lingerie, located in the North Precinct, was granted the Store Presentation Award for its everyday nice looking.

Box Hill Central’s general manager Heidi Scher and Retail Manager Nick Kyritsis sent the frames and flowers to the doors of the 6 excellent businesses 2-3pm the day before Chinese New Year, congratulated them and had photos taken with the shop managers, making a surprise for the retailers.

The Marketing Manager Allison Bailey said the Central management particularly picked that special date to give out awards. Box Hill is one of the biggest community where Chinese people live in Melbourne, and most visitors to Box Hill Central are of an Asian background. Therefore, the Centre took this wonderful opportunity to send its best wishes to the winners.


As part of the prize, the overall winner Nene Chicken also welcomed Dragon Dance performance at their door on the first day of Chinese New Year (28th January), as an auspicious omen for the next year.




在所有的商家中,韩国炸鸡店Nene Chicken因其亮眼的销售业绩、积极的产品营销、干净现代的店铺装潢以及专业的顾客服务,荣获2016-17年度博士山商场最佳商户奖;商场北区的内衣店Emon Lingerie因其整洁的购物环境和美观大方的柜台陈设,获评最佳店铺展示奖;紧邻Woolworths的亚洲厨具店Hello Kitchen因积极与博士山商场合作进行推广活动,荣获最佳营销奖;去年9月刚刚开业大吉的日韩原产店美食美季获得了最佳新店开张奖;每日客源不断的台湾快餐店大食代当之无愧的获得了最佳销售业绩奖;颇受好评的咖啡店Selene’s Chocolate Bar则成为最受顾客喜爱的最佳消费者服务奖。

当天下午2点到3点,博士山商场总经理Heidi Scher和零售经理Nick Kyritsis推着小推车挨家挨户为以上六家获奖商户送去了花篮和证书,向他们表示祝贺,并和商店经理合影留念,令获奖商家感到十分惊喜。市场经理Allison Bailey说,他们是特意挑选大年三十这个有着特殊意义的时刻颁发奖项的。博士山是墨尔本最大的华人社区之一,而光顾博士山商场的顾客大多都有着中国背景,于是商场便借中国新年之机,为辛苦了一年的优秀商家们送去喜上加喜的表彰和祝福。

大年初一(28日)下午1点半,Nene Chicken作为2016-17年度博士山商场最佳商户奖得主,得到了热闹的舞龙表演嘉奖,预示着农历鸡年的开年大吉。