Recipe: Loofa Cups (Vegan)

12 Apr 2017


1 medium loofah

200g Pumpkin

200g Mushrooms

4 pieces baby corn

10g medlar

50g ginger

20g salt

50g sugar

1 tbs. sesame oil 



  1. Make the loofah into a cup (cut loofa with one end flat and the other on an angle, then hollow with a spoon);
  2. Peeled pumpkin, cut into small pieces to cook faster and then mash;
  3. Boil the baby corn and mushrooms;
  4. Put the baby corn, mushrooms and medlars into the loofah cup and steam for 5 mins;
  5. Mixed the mashed pumpkin with salt, sugar, sesame oil and pour on the top of the loofah cup.
  6. Serve and enjoy.