People of Box Hill - Let's Go Vegan at Blissful Station

28 Jul 2016

The People of Box Hill

Let’s Go Vegan!

Blissful Station

Veganism is on the rise in Australia. You can find vegan options available in many restaurants across the country. Last year Australia ranked #1 in the world for searching “Vegan” on Google. The Vegan lifestyle advocates a healthy and environmentally-conscious diet. Australians are increasingly adopting this way of life.

Blissful Station (situated next door to Magic Cuisine) have recently opened their doors in Box Hill Central. Blissful Station is a purely vegan store taking the initiative in providing quality vegan fare within Box Hill and Melbourne. Cathy – the shop owner – has been a devoted lay Buddhist since she was 18 years old. Her family all holds belief in Buddhism. They do not eat meat and avoid the killing of animals. As far as Cathy can see, there are three main groups of vegans: Buddhists, health conscious, and those concerned with the heavy ecological footprint that meat consumption creates.

Apart from holding compassion for animals, Cathy has done extensive research and is well versed on the negative effects that raising and eating animals causes to the global environment. The methane produced by livestock is the chief culprit of global warming. It is 20 times more detrimental than automobile exhaust. In this sense, by eating less meat people could contribute more significantly in reducing the impact of global warming than they could by riding bikes.

To help protect the environment as well as provide convenience for fellow vegans, Cathy runs Blissful Station vegan takeaway according to the disciplines of Buddhism. The food contains no animal products or ‘five pungent spices’. This means no: meat, seafood, milk, egg or honey; scallion, garlic, leek, allium bakerior onion. The lunch cases and water cups provided by Blissful Station are made of plant materials which biodegrade naturally to limit the pollution of the environment.

You can’t go to Blissful Station without trying the dumplings - boiled or fried. The three main fillings are carrot, zucchini and shepherd’s purse; often combined with tofu, mushroom, agaric and cellophane noodles. It’s a true art to create delicious vegan food, keeping true to the precepts of Buddhism, Cathy does not use any pungent herbs or spices; but with meticulous care and attention Cathy and her team have succeeded in creating a delicious, healthy, vegan takeaway. Besides their signature dumplings, Blissful Station also serve rice and vegetable rolls, turnip cake, pumpkin cake, carrot cake, deep-fried dough sticks, soy milk and sweet potato chips. Every day during lunch time, the shop will also serve rice and vegetable combos. With such variety you are sure to be satisfied.

Cathy may already be a familiar face to many Box Hill Central customers as she has been doing business here for 11 years. There is a slogan printed on the bag of every shop run by Cathy: ‘If we cannot do great things, we do small things in great ways.’ Whatever you fancy, the staff at Blissful Station will always serve you with utmost sincerity and warmth.


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民以食为天 素食助环保



就在上周二的719日,Box Hill Central又有一家新店红红火火的开张啦——同福蔬食(Blissful Station),位置就在天天熟食的隔壁。同福蔬食是一家纯素食外卖店,店主Cathy介绍说,她的店铺是Box Hill地区乃至墨尔本地区的首创。




CathyBox Hill Central开店多年,对许多顾客来说已是一张熟悉的面孔。她经营的所有店铺的手提袋上都印着一句口号:“If we cannot do great things, we do small things in great ways.”(如果我们不能做伟大的事情,就用伟大的方式把每一件小事做好。)无论您是前来惠顾或只是路过,同福蔬食的员工们将以最真挚的诚意和最热情的态度为您服务。


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