NU5 Leading the Way of Hairdressing Style

04 Nov 2016

Those who regularly visit Box Hill Central may be familiar with NU5 - the hairdressing salon with the stylish black interior. Nowadays, people’s expectations from a trip to the hairdresser is ever increasing, no longer confined to a simple haircut. For those with high expectations, NU5 is the place to go.

The NU5 branch at Box Hill Central is the second following the one in the City. Ever since its opening two and a half years ago, NU5 has attracted a lot of regular customers. Walking past the salon, you might want to stop for a while: large French windows and broad double glass doors consist the front of the salon. Vibrant music coming from inside invites you to step in and take a look.

Rechel is a hairdresser with more than ten years’ of professional experience. She said that NU5 is the joint work of five good friends who share a common idea, so opening the salon signified a new age of their career. They all believe that hairdressing is not just about cutting hair, but expressing the personality of the individual. They say that the right hair style can have a positive effect on one’s mood.

Victor - the manager of UN5 Box Hill Central, proudly states that all hair designers at NU5 are highly skilled and experienced. They are adept at creating hairstyles, as well as understanding customers’ specific needs. They make decisions on a case by case basis, so each hairstyle is customized to suite the individual. NU5 customers are satisfied customers. NU5 has established a positive reputation within the local community. In 2014, designers of NU5 were invited by TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship to customize hairstyles for their competitors.

At NU5, you can really sense the hairdressing culture. While waiting for your hair to be done, you can enjoy a cup of tea, read fashion magazines, or chat with friendly staff. In some cases, a hair designer’s timetable may be fully booked, so if you plan to visit NU5, make sure to book in advance!


经常往来于BOX HILL购物中心的人们就会发现,在临近“Big W”百货店的地方有一家名为NU5的美发店,纯黑色高档设计尽显豪门风范。现在的人们对理发的需求不仅仅是剪头发那么简单,所以也应运而生了许多像NU5这样既有档次又有风格特色的发廊。

其实NU5 这个品牌对很多追求时尚的人来说已经不陌生了,BOX HILL这家发廊是第二家,而位于City的另外一家店已经营了五年多、并拥有了一大批忠实的顾客。当您走过这家发廊的时候,或許會不知不覺的多停留一会儿:透过整面落地的玻璃墙和宽广的双开大玻璃门,看到的是发廊内时尚的装修,听到的是很年轻的音乐,自然充满了活力。




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