Miss Saigon adds new flavour to Box Hill Central

03 Aug 2016

You've heard about Miss Universe, but what about Miss Saigon? The culinary counterpart of the world’s glamour queen will be serving up a Vietnamese favourite simmered with years of tradition among a contemporary rendition of a Vietnamese noodle shop in Melbourne’s Box Hill.

Focusing on what has become a Melbourne staple, the upliftingly aromatic and heart warming bowl of noodle heaven that has become renowned among urban dining culture, Miss Saigon will be serving up steaming bowls of Pho enriched with a traditional recipe known among the top Vietnamese restaurants.

Having noticed that Melbourne restaurant visitors are constantly seeking a Pho establishment that will inspire their taste buds and have them hungering for more, Miss Saigon’s energy is focused on producing and reinvigorating three delicious, well-known favourites: soulful noodle soups, fresh rice paper rolls, and of course, the classic spring roll.

In line with the affordability innate to the Vietnamese fare, Miss Saigon will make its sensory and satiable experience a first port of call for budget conscious and discerning diners alike. Varying sized bowls of Pho are mainly under $14, with spring and rice paper rolls all under $10.

With 24-hour slow boiled, marrow rich beef bones and ox tail enhanced by the flavours of perfectly charred onions, ginger, aromatics and herbs, the broth is a true homage to the flavours of Vietnam.

Complementing the flavourful authenticity is the setting among the hustle and bustle of Box Hill Central and fresh food market, reminiscent of a Ho Chi Minh City atmosphere.

Diners will enjoy the scenes of busyness in a fragrant sanctuary, with scents permeating the air that mimic the colour scheme of the restaurant inspired by the flavours of Vietnam’s favourite herbs and spices.

The traditional garnishes of fresh bean sprouts and lime, basil, fiery chilli, and hoisin sauce will be available to top beef variants of wagyu, sliced, brisket, tendon, bone marrow, tripe, beef balls and beef sausage. Chicken lovers will be treated to succulent breast and drumstick meat, and for the more adventurous, chicken liver, chicken heart and giblets. For those chasing an unexpected flavour sensation, the smoky notes of char-grilled pork and chicken will be available in addition to the traditional favourites.