Looking for Authentic Korean Cosmetics?

04 Nov 2016


With South Korean drama hitting many Asian countries, Korean fashion trends are having an increasingly profound influence on Asian women. With there admirable hair-dos, clothes and make-up; Korean pop stars are an image of perfection that fans like to aspire to. Although the perfect faces of many Korean stars are partly achieved with plastic surgery; the world-leading Korean cosmetic industry also contributes a part.

On the National Day of Taiwan earlier this year, Box Hill Central welcomed Koconut – An Authentic Korean Cosmetic Shop. The shop owners - two elegant Korean ladies - have introduced more than ten of the most popular Korean cosmetic brands to Box Hill and Melbourne.

Before starting business in Australia, Jayoung - one of the shop owners – worked in the Korean cosmetic industry for over ten years. Jayoung used to work for LG - the second largest cosmetic corporation in Korea - as well as working as a beautician, which enriched her knowledge of and experience with Korean cosmetics. She says that traditionally Korean people regard health and beauty care as a part of their daily life. A few of the brands Koconut stocks are: Whoo, Sulwhasoo, The Face Shop, Innisfree and Nature Republic - all of which are very popular amongst Asian women.

As an authentic Korean cosmetic shop, images of Korean superstars such as Lee Young Ae and Kim Soo-hyun are displayed in Koconut. The cosmetics are beautiful packaged; there are aloe-shaped hand creams, banana-shaped sleeping packs, mango-shaped sunscreens, panda eye patches, lip balm pendants and BB cushions decorated with Disney characters. The gentle warm light showcases the delicacy of these luxurious products.

When asked about the creative name ‘Koconut’, co-owner Sally said with a laugh: It actually has nothing to do with the fruit, but is the combination of the first two syllables of ‘Korean Cosmetics’.

Sales assistants in Koconut are from both South Korea and China. They wear red aprons decorated with beautiful Korean embroidery. If you need assistance, they are very happy to help with a warm smile and sweet voice.

Koconut is an authentic Korean cosmetic shop that is bound to meet your needs. Drop in today and pick up some top quality Korean Cosmetics.


10月10日,造访博士山商场的顾客们惊喜的发现,这里又有一家新店——Koconut Korean Cosmetic Shop开张啦!两位温文尔雅的韩国女老板带着十多种韩国当下最受欢迎的美妆品牌,正式入驻了博士山商场。

在来墨尔本开店之前,Jayoung在韩国美妆行业已有着十几年的工作经验。她曾在韩国第二大化妆品集团——LG旗下做过销售员,也曾当过美容师,所以对韩国化妆品有着十分丰富的了解。Jayoung介绍说,韩国人从小到老都十分注重保养,保养是韩国人日常生活的一部分。Koconut主营的韩妆品牌——Whoo(后), 雪花秀,The Face Shop,Innisfree,自然乐园等等等等,均是深受亚洲女性消费者喜爱的热门品牌。


在被问到店名“Koconut”的含义时,另一位女老板——Sally笑着告诉我们,这和“椰子”没有关系,而是因为“Korean Cosmetic”(韩国化妆品)的前两个音节连在一起恰好让她们联想到了“coconut”,于是这个富有创意的名字就这样诞生了。若在Koconut购物时有任何问题需要询问,身着韩式刺绣围裙、笑容和声音甜美的店员——来自中韩两国的萌妹子们一定会耐心细致的予以解答。这是一家如此原汁原味的“韩范儿”美妆店,在这儿你一定能买到自己最心仪的韩妆,再也不用为了找代购发愁了。

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