A hot pot of spice and all things nice.

13 Jun 2018

Box Hill Central is known as the home of Asian culture and cuisine. You can step into the Centre and find dishes from all around the world. Taiwanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporean, and Malaysian foods are all present and enjoyed by many.

What has been missing is the flavours of Sichuan food. Well not anymore with the opening of Little Sichuan.

Located in the South Centre of Box Hill Central Shopping Centre, Little Sichuan is a hive of activity. Little Sichuan is a build your own hot pot concept. Instead of ordering dishes from a menu, customers line up and are given giant silver mixing bowl and tongs and are invited to pick the ingredients they would like to add to their broth from a large refrigerated cabinet. It is a sight to be seen with the ingredients to be added vast and unusual.

The seafood selection includes whole prawns, mussels and squid, and the meat ranges from cow stomach, tongue and intestines, to thinly sliced Wagyu beef and pork. Silken tofu is also available if meat isn’t your thing. The vegetable choices include bitter melon, corn, eggplant and bean sprouts, as well as Asian greens to fill out your broth.

You can then also choose your preferred noodle – Udon, egg or actual two-minute noodles, to round off your meal.

Once your have all of your toppings ready you pay at the counter by weight ($3.28 per 100g) and choose your broth. For those who like a moderate amount of spice, the 1 chilli rated ‘Pickled Vegies’ broth is for you. The ‘Sour and Spicy’ carries more of a spice punch with a Tom Yum style base and is rated 2 chilli’s. For true Sichuan heat there is a ‘Sichuan Spicy’ broth ranked 3 chilli’s. If that is all too much then why not chose the no chilli rated ‘Chicken Soup’.