How to increase prosperity, longevity and well-being...

28 Jan 2020

There are 7 lucky foods that represent wishes for prosperity, happiness and success. Here are the 7 lucky foods and how you can enjoy them at Box Hill Central:


Wish for longevity at Lanzhou Noodle Bar by trying their Chilli Beef Noodle Soup with Wide Noodles. As a bonus, eating the green vegetables promises wealth in the year ahead.  


The legend goes the more dumplings eaten during the Chinese New Year celebrations, the more money you make in the new year. Be prosperous at RaRamen by enjoying their Shanghai Pork Mini Buns - the perfect bite filled with decadent soup and tender pork. 

Spring Rolls

Crispy and golden spring rolls are a symbol of wealth. Try the Crispy Spring Rolls at Ichi Ramen for good fortune. When enjoying this delicate treat be sure to say “Hwung-Jin Wan-Lyan” which translates to ‘a tonne of gold’. 

Tang Yuan

Bringing the family together, these glutinous rice balls are the perfect finish to your New Year Celebrations. Welcome the Lunar New Year at Chongqing Noodles with their Rice Dumplings with Brown Sugar Balls.

Good fortune fruit 

Delight in sweet citruses such as oranges, kumquats, tangerines and pomelos. Pick up these golden fruits from our grocer Hu Hui for fullness and wealth.

Nian Gao

Nian Gao (Sweet rice cake) is a gooey and glutinous sweet that will bring a prosperous year ahead. Try this yummy treat at Asian Grain Cafe or take some home for the family from Hu Hui. 


Steamed fish is a symbol of prosperity. Stop by Asian Grain Café to try their sweet and sour fried fish with rice and soup. Make sure to leave some of the dish on your plate, as it is believed that if you have saved something at the end of the year, you will be wealthier in the next.  

Happy Chinese New Year and come celebrate with us at Box Hill Central!