Fresh Food Offers You Can't Miss!

There are fantastic fresh food offers on this weekend at Box Hill Central. Come and enjoy these amazing deals on the Saturday the 15th between 10am and 3pm, and Sunday the 16th Feb between 11am and 3pm.


Fish Pier – Australian Green King Prawns 11.99/kg
Chicken Corner – Chicken Wings $1.99/kg & Chicken Drumettes $2.50/kg
Welcome Butcher – Mince Pork $4.99/kg & Pork lion $9.99/kg
Box Hill Fish Market – Live Cray Fish $85/kg & Fresh Coral Trout $39.99/kg
Meat Inn – Pork Back Bone $1.99/kg & Pork Short Belly $4.50/kg
Central Meats - Lean pork $9.99/kg, Boneless Pork Shoulder $7.99/kg, & M9+ Gold Medal Wagyu $148/kg
Tan Hung Asian Grocery – 700g Caged Eggs $1.99 & Lettuce $1.49 (Min. 2 per person)
HP Butcher – Beef Mince $3.99/kg, Pork Mince $3.99/kg
Yarra Range Poultry – All Marinated Chicken $3.75/kg & Breast fillets $6.50/kg
Lord Barramundi – Tooth Fish $110/kg & Fresh Oyster $18 per dozen
Top Chicken – Breast fillets with skin on $5.99/kg & Thigh Fillets $6.99/kg
Fruit life – Watermelon $0.99/kg
Hu Hui Supermarket – Brown Vinegar 2 for $3
Box Hill Butcher – Lamb Loin Chop $30 per tray & Lamb Cutlets $25/kg


Don’t miss these irresistible savings and come visit Box Hill Central this weekend!

Terms & Conditions: Each offer is subject to each store’s individual terms and conditions. For more information, please enquire in-store. Offers are correct at the time of upload and may be subject to change without prior notice.