Explore Box Hill Central’s Fantastic Space Zone 探索博士山的精彩太空

27 Feb 2017

On the first floor of Box Hill Central’s North Precinct, a grand ‘skyrocket’ is preparing to fly to the outer space at any time. Several ‘astronauts from NASA’ are taking care of and making explanations to lovely kids there. While some kids listen carefully, others cannot help running up and down excitedly.

You will find the entrance on the back of this ‘skyrocket’ is actually a slide. When kids slide down to its inside, they will be welcomed to a world full of interesting technologies. In this world, there are amazing giant touch-screens and remote-control screens, on which kids can play a range of intellectual games. Your children will experience the lives of aliens, astronauts or even Chang’e (a fairy in ancient Chinese legend who flew to the Moon after taking in a panacea), as well as learn knowledge about our solar system.

This amusement playground is designed for kids during the school holidays. For protection purposes, the ‘rocks’ and ‘sands’ of this ‘space zone’ are made of soft rubbers. On one side of the playground is the Book Corner, where kids read books or listen to the stories read by parents quietly. On the other side, there is the Drawing Corner where adult ‘astronauts’ teach the little ones how to bring the universe from their childish imagination into life.

When the kids are playing happily here, parents can either accompany by the side or watch outside enjoying a cup of coffee. The food court and the baby-changing room are very close to it. Also, there is self-charging facility for convenient use.

This newly-launched children’s playground has opened freely to the public since 7th Dec. Park your car at level 3 North Precinct and walk directly into the shopping centre, you cannot miss it!

在博士山新商场二楼(North precinct, Box Hill Central)的外星奇幻地表上,一座雄伟的火箭拔地而起,随时准备着飞向更加深邃的星空。几位来自美国国家航空航天局的宇航员,正在为慕名而来的小朋友讲解着发射场上的各种设施。小朋友们有的认真听着,有的已经按耐不住、四处探索了起来。






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