Let’s Enjoy a Bowl of Sichuan Wonton!

24 Sep 2017

At Box Hill Central you can find all kinds of Chinese snacks can be find here: rice, noodles, buns, fried dumplings, pies, rougamo, egg pancakes... Umm, have you realised anything missing here?

Right ! It’s wonton, which Chinese Sichuan people also called ‘Chao Shou’. Several weeks ago, Dragon Flavour House Chinese Cuisine newly settled in Box Hill Central, adding another bit of icing on the delicious cake of the Food Court. The soup base of Chao Shou made daily, with tender skin and abundant filling. Dragon Flavour House have a chef team that has carefully developed a unique formula, and they import all the original ingredients from China. These all together have formed the secret of delicious wonton.

Everyone is more than welcome to come here for a bowl of best-selling ‘Dry Red Oil Wonton’! Use your chopsticks to stir the sauce evenly before putting Chao Shou into your mouth, and then bite down. Your mouth will suddenly be full of fragrant and spicy taste! Sichuan cuisine is most famous for its spiciness and hotness, and Dragon Flavour House can bring this essence into your soul in just one second. Wow, what a fantastic and satisfying meal!

If you also look for some varieties, there are also Red soup Chao Shou, Old Pungent Chao Shou and Rattan Pepper Chao Shou to choose from. In addition to that, there are also Big Bone Original Soup Chao Shou, Tomato Soup Chao Shou and Seafood Flavor Chao Shou. Winter is definitely the best time to nourish your stomach. It is 100% guaranteed that you will love them!

Dragon Flavour House also expert in all kinds of delicious noodles, and they plan to serve Box Hill Central customers with more Sichuan snacks in the future. Till now, some diners have already become a regular. Joe, one of the owners of Dragon Flavour House, told us that a young man from Chengdu comes to buy one bowl almost every day, also bringing his family and friends. Even the Taiwanese are interested in Chao Shou – one aunty just cannot wait to sample the attractive taste!

As a newcomer, Dragon Flavour House express willingness to best serve Box Hill Central and local diners. If you have a WeChat account, you can add ‘MEL666777888’ as your friend, before getting a 10% off buying a bowl of Chao Shou or noodles!

From Chengdu to Melbourne, Dragon Flavour House has gone across great miles to this foreign land of Australia. While the geographical location changes, the taste of home remains unchangeable. Are you willing to join this romantic journey with many others altogether?


当墨尔本遇上成都 来一碗正宗的红油抄手

在人流如织的Box Hill Central,各样中式小吃可谓齐全:米饭、面条、包子、煎饺、馅饼、肉夹馍、鸡蛋灌饼……咦?你有没有发现少了一样?

对!就是馄饨,四川人又叫抄手!红油抄手是一道川菜名吃,一个多月前,龙宴成都抄手专家全新入驻Box Hill Central,为Food Court的多元美食地图锦上添花。这家成都老店的抄手有三绝:汤、艺、料。日日更新、不间断熬制的汤底,嫩滑的皮、饱满的馅,加上大厨团队精心研制的独门配方和国内进口食材,让这家店足以衬得上“抄手专家”的金字招牌。