Customer Car Park Rate Pricing Changes

07 Sep 2018

Box Hill Central’s location in the heart of Box Hill CBD, alongside Box Hill’s transport hub and near the TAFE means our parking is attractive to non-customers. We’re taking steps to ensure the parking at Box Hill Central is kept available for potential customers. At the moment, many local office workers and students use the parking. We know the average customer visit to Box Hill Central is approximately 54 minutes which is why the parking rates for 0 to 1 hours have not changed.

As of the 17th September the new customer car park rates will be:

0 to 1 hours $1

1 to 2 hours $2

2 to 3 hours $3

3 to 4 Hours $4

4 to 5 hours $9

5 to 6 hours $20

6 to 7 hours $32

7 to 8 hours $42

plus $11 per hour thereafter