Get involved in the Box Hill community!

12 Feb 2020

Box Hill Central strives to enrich community experiences by being a place where people can connect and build strong relationships. The Box Hill Central team work alongside the Korus Connect Community Connector to hold countless community events on a regular basis.

Whether it’s a free ping pong tournament in the centre, helping Yooralla with music therapy sessions for people with disability, providing Yooralla with a community garden to grow herbs and vegetables for their cooking group, or helping Whitehorse Churches Care with a winter shelter for the homeless opening on June 1, there is so much being done to enhance the community around Box Hill. 

‘Coffee with a Cop’ is one of Box Hill Central’s most successful programs. On the second Tuesday of every month from 11-12pm, a group police officers and PSOs meet with community members opposite Muffin Break. The program helps build trustworthy and respectful relationships between legal enforcement officers and the people they protect.

Box Hill Central also supports a community choir group who meet from 9:30am-10:30am every Tuesday morning in the Box Hill Baptist Church for a session run by Lisa Vaughan, a former Australian Girls’ Choir conductor. The diverse and musically passionate group of locals have performed twice in the centre as well as at Crossway Baptist Church’s community meals.

Finally, Box Hill Central are working with Carrington Health, who do invaluable work for individuals suffering with substance abuse and mental health issues, to provide purposeful activities for their patients to assist with their holistic treatment. On February 10th, a boat building program began for Carrington Health patients who are helping with general maintenance, sanding and painting on a neglected rowboat before their culminative rowing expedition on the Murray River in 4 weeks’ time.

The success of these programs helps build towards a community that is connected, supported and whole. Shopping centres, intrinsically, are either enriched or weighed down by the health of their community making it perennially important for Box Hill Central to fulfill its role as a bridge for community relationships.

For more information on how you can get involved contact Ian Bunston, Box Hill Central's Community Connector, on 0405 723 527.