06 Dec 2016

A brand new fun and educational play area has launched at Box Hill Central!

With interactive, high-tech space themed play equipment there is fun for all in Box Hill Central’s North precinct. With a giant, light up, sensory rocket and slide installed there is climbing fun for hours. If children (and parents) would like some reading time there is also a library nook stocked with books. The playground is also safely enclosed, meaning children are safe to roam free within the space.

Box Hill Central has also launched Interactive Kids, the newest interactive touch-screen game collection for children of all ages, which is violence free and therapeutically appraised, in the playground. The multimedia system currently features over 20 games and applications from the areas of creativity, reaction and logical thinking.

In addition to providing amusement experience, each game also supports and promotes the powers of concentration, awareness, retentively and visual perception.

As your child approaches the system, they will have the ability to transform into a virtual alien, astronaut or Chinese goddess of the moon, Chang-E! Whilst flying through space, kids can be quizzed on fun facts about the solar system, break down asteroids and fight off space aliens all with a touch of a finger.

During each game, your little astronaut will get the opportunity to have their photo taken while they are dressed in intergalactic costume and share the image to the Box Hill Central Facebook page.

As part of Vicinity’s brand purpose of “enriching community experiences” Box Hill Central give high priority to delivering the best experience for families.

Box Hill Central Marketing Manager Allison Bailey comments “We want the experience to be better, easier and more enjoyable every time families come to our centre. As such we have invested in designing best-in-class services and amenities including Play Areas, Parent’s Rooms and Family Dining facilities such as what you’ll see at Box Hill Central today.”

Box Hill Central have planned a calendar of exciting entertainment including breakfast with Santa on Saturday December 17 for your little ones in the lead up to the Christmas school holidays.

Entry to the playground is free of charge, come and play today!