Spring Accompanied by the Smell of Matcha

04 Nov 2016


October has arrived, and although Spring is late this year, - Furuta Dessert House have settled in nicely at Box Hill Central. Situated at the front gate of Box Central you can’t miss them. Matcha is the finely ground powder of specialty young green tea leaves. It originated in the Sui Dynasty in China, and reached its peak of popularity through the Tang and Song Dynasties.

At the end of the 9th Century, matcha was shipped across the strait towards Japan and gained immense popularity amongst the Japanese people. Matcha is used in traditional tea ceremonies and represents a major part of the modern Japanese food culture.

Matcha contains high amounts of catechins, vitamins and fiber, as well as a host of other beneficial components, and has gained popularity amongst health conscience people the world over.

The owner of Furuta Dessert House - Tim, is an experienced Chinese-Australian businessman who set foot in business more than a decade ago. He says that the matcha used at Furuta Dessert House is imported from an authentic Japanese Matcha workshop that has been carefully selected by his Japanese business partner - taste and quality are guaranteed at Furuta Dessert House.

Desserts include Matcha Milk Tea, Matcha Latte, Matcha Milk Shake, Matcha Chiffon, and Matcha Swiss Roll to name a few. Tim has announced a specialty drink that is being released as this article goes to print - the ‘Sakura Fruit Drink’. Each cup of Sakura contains a real cherry blossom from Japan.

Although it has only been two weeks since Furuta Dessert House opened, they are already attracting quite a crowd from discerning customers of Box Hill Central. The delicate cakes are sold out as soon as they are displayed. Freshly made goodies are thus delivered every few hours to meet the demand. There is always a lengthy queue outside of Furuta waiting to be served. But the wait is well worth it!

Spring is bound to come, and Furuta Dessert House is the ideal place to visit and enjoy the smell of fresh Matcha!







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