Free Gift Card when you shop at Box Hill Central

10 Aug 2017

Shoppers will be rewarded with a $10 gift card when they spend $50 at participating specialty retailers and they join the Box Hill Central data base

Steps to receive the gift card:

  1. Spend $50 at participating specialty retailers (spend does not need to be in one transaction) and keep their receipt/s and;
  2. Take their receipt/s to the promotional customer service desk located near the train station and show their receipt to the staff and;
  3. Subscribe to the Centre’s newsletter
    1. Existing customer: confirm email address or
    2. New customer: Sign up to the newsletter by providing their full name, email address, postcode and mobile number

Once confirmed, the Customer Service Team will reward you with a pre activated gift card redeemable at specialty stores.

There is a list of participating stores at the promotional informational desk.


Terms and Conditions apply.