The Best Choice for Buying Japanese and Korean Products in Australia!

04 Nov 2016

Many middle-class Chinese have found that after moving to Australia, their requirements for high-quality food, homewares and other daily articles rise along with their increasing income levels. However, the serious air pollution and poor manufacturing standards present in mainland China make them cautious of ‘made in China’ products. For these people, Japanese and Korean products are the best choice, as they offer top quality and design.

Japanese and Korean products are not always easy to find in Australia. But the good news is that “Merry Seasons” – a chain store specializing in Japanese and Korean products, has settled in Box Hill Central this September, being the second branch after Swanston Street. Located next to Big W on the left; where Dick Smith used to be. Merry Seasons brings customers a sense of freshness. The store sells the newest and latest seasonal products from Japan and Korea.

Mandy is the general manager of Merry Seasons and you can find her in the Box Hill store every Tuesday. This elegant lady takes our interview in a professional way. She explains that both Japan and Korea are well known for saving the best of their products for their country, and usually sell different versions of the same product in the domestic and overseas markets. Therefore, although there are a series of popular tax-free products from these two countries on the market right now, a large majority of them are not the most genuine items. If you look at the specific components, as well as the concentration of ingredients in some cosmetics, you can see slight differences.

This is where Merry Seasons has the advantage: it can guarantee that most of the products it sells are genuine first-class Japanese and Korean! Thus, Australian customers can easily shop the best products they want from Japan and Korea without any concern!

The store has three sections: Food, Cosmetics and $2.80 Homewares. The Food section features in-season gift boxes, including, White Chocolate Lovers Biscuits, Potato Farm, Hokkaido White Pudding, Royce Raw Chocolate and locally made ice creams - all Japanese and Korean goodies. In Cosmetics section, you can find popular new items from the Cosme range, much loved by Japanese girls! In addition to that, Korean high-end brands such as Sulwhasoo and LG ReEn are also on the selves. In $2.80 Homeware, as the name tells, all items are sold at $2.80. But if you apply for a membership card, you will receive an extra 5% off – that’s $2.66 per item!

When shopping for genuine Japanese and Korean products, look no further than Merry Seasons - Box Hill Central!


好消息是,一家日韩产品专营连锁店——美时美季(Merry Seasons)已于本月初进驻了墨尔本最大华人聚居区的购物中心——Box Hill Central。这是美时美季在墨尔本的第二家店,位置就在Big W的左邻,原本Dick Smith所在的地方。店名“美时美季”给人以清新而美好的感觉,与之相应的,店内主营的商品均是日本和韩国每个季度最新颖、最新鲜的东西,随着季节和气候的变化会有所不同。

Mandy是美时美季的店经理,她每周二会从city的总店到Box Hill分店来代班。这位妆容精致、打扮得体的店经理以十分专业而认真的态度接受了采访。众所周知的是,日本、韩国一贯的做法都是把最好的东西留给自己的国民使用,也就是说,这两个国家自产自销和对外出口的往往是不同版本,而前者的质量要优于后者。Mandy介绍说,目前市面上广为流传的一些免税商品虽然从表面上看起来同样产自日本或韩国,但这类商品跟日韩原产商品在成分上还是有些细微的不同,如化妆品的浓度等等。美时美季拥有珍贵的货源渠道,所以只做日韩原产,而不做来自其他产地的商品。这样就确保了店内商品拥有最佳品质,让顾客们在远隔重洋的澳洲也能和日韩民众一样购买到100%原装正品。这可是找代购也很难做到的!



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