Five-star quality food

05 Apr 2017

Ever since its arrival at Box Hill Central in 2000, Grain Asian Cafe has opened for 17 consecutive years. What is the secret of Grain Asian Cafe’s great popularity?

Fujianese owner of the Cafe, Tom, says that it is because of the professional quality of the cooking team. The Malaysian head chef Lim, who although is a young man, produces top quality delicious Cantonese cuisine, he has also won awards such as the Champion of the 3rd ‘Pacific Kitchen Life’ Dingshi Cooking Competition hosted by Vision China Times October last year. He has contributed several delicate dishes to the menu, such as Deep-Fried Wonton & Barbecued Pork Porridge/Noodle Soup, Boiled Fish Head Noodle Soup with Pickled Cabbage and Chilli, and Prawn Dumplings Noodle Soup. The XO sauce made by him is very popular.

The most famous speciality of Grain Asian Cafe is called ‘Assorted Stuffed Vegetables Noodle Soup’, a gourmet combination of various ingredients. For the basic soup base, varieties from chicken soup, Tom Yum soup, curry laksa may be selected, along with rice, vermicelli, Hokkien and egg noodles. Lastly, 6 out of 20 fish stuffed vegetables such as eggplant, green pepper, tofu as well as other seasonal vegetable are chosen in order to conclude the noodle soup as a whole.

The business partner of Tom, Ms Zhang, stated that the staff puts in a huge amount of effort to make these fish-stuffed vegetables. The freshest Blue Cods are delivered to the door every morning, while Lim buys all vegetables they need from neighbouring retailers in Box Hill Central. Then other staff members will use table knives to scratch the flesh down slice by slice. After that, they slowly stir the fish slices with hands to maintain tenderness and chewiness. That is the reason why their fish balls taste so well!

Some of their regular customer have commented; Five-star quality food served at fast food prices!

Also, in order to cater to the taste of recently-arrived Chinese migrants, some traditional mainland dishes have also appeared on the menu: Eggplants with Garlic Sauce, Vegetable Treasure Trove, Stewed Bean curd with Minced Pork in Pepper Sauce…

The golden brand of Cantonese fast food - Grain Asian Cafe, welcomes your patronage at any time!